Guidelines to Authors

1. Type or Types of Papers Preferred: Research papers, review papers and case studies are preferred. Book reviews must contain name of the author (s) or editor/editors and the book reviewed, place of publication and publisher, year of publication, number of pages and price.

2. Author (s): Name, Designation, Affiliation with full address and Postal Index Number (PIN), Mobile Number, Landline Number, E-mail Address etc. are to be given. Details of the corresponding author if any should be given clearly.

3. Language: All the manuscripts must be prepared in English. British spellings are preferred though American spellings are also accepted. Authors should ensure that their papers are free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

4. Typing: All the articles should be typed in MS Word and in Times New Roman. Soft copy (prepared in MS Word) should be submitted by the authors. Screen shots should be avoided. The document should be free from macros. Page boarders should not be used. Main heading should be left aligned, should be in title case, should be in 16 Pont size and should be in bold letters. Name(s) of the author(s) should be left aligned, should be in bold letters and should be in 12 pont size. Abstract and keywords should be in 9 pont size.

5. Abstract: All articles must be accompanied by an abstract of 150-200 words.. The abstract must be informative and explain the background, aims, methods, results & conclusion in a single para.

6. Keywords: Abstract must be followed by list of keywords, subject to the maximum of five. Choose an intelligent list of words and phrases for the keyword section. These should be arranged in alphabetic order separated by semi colons and full stop at the end.

7. Headings: All the headings should be in title case (i.e. capitalize each important word in the heading), bold-faced and aligned left. Leave a blank line before each heading.

8. Sub-Headings: All the sub-headings should also be in title case (i.e. capitalize each important word in the heading), bold-faced and aligned left. Level 2 headings can be in sentence case and bold-face.

9. Main Text: The main text should be in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced and justified.

10. Tables and Figures: These should be simple, centered, separately numbered. Sources of data should be mentioned below the table. It should be ensured that the tables/figures are referred to in the main text.

11. Style of Referencing: APA Style should be followed for formatting the references.

12. Correspondence: Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to: The Editor, Management Today, Department of Management Studies, Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bachupally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, PIN-500090, INDIA.

13. Undertaking: Authors should give an undertaking that the article is original and has never been published in any form and in any journal.

14. Review: Publication of the articles received is subject to review and approval by the experts.