1. Introduction: "Management Today" is a peer reviewed open access journal published both in print and online. All the papers are indexed by CrossRef, International Society Indexing (ISI) and International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF) to facilitate easy reference.

2. Publisher: "Management Today" is published by Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology (GRIET), Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.

3. Frequency of Publication: The journal is published once in three months (Quarterly) in the months of March, June, September and December.

4. Content Mix of the Journal: The journal publishes the latest developments in Management Education, Practice and Profession. The principal objective of this journal is to provide a forum for academicians, researchers, and professionals in Management all over the world to promote their research, share their ideas, discuss and/or communicate their views on various issues and developments in different areas of Management. Keeping this in view "Management Today" invites original research-based papers, articles, book reviews and management cases on topics of current concern in the areas of management, development economics and related social sciences. It looks for conceptually sound and methodologically robust articles that harness and extend knowledge in all domains of management through empirical work or by building on existing concepts, and draw out the implication of the research for practitioners. Articles that consist of literature surveys or discussion on practices in industry and reviews of books that have been published within one to two years of the receipt of the review will be also considered. Industrialists, CEOs and entrepreneurs may submit articles on management practices which enable them to share their experiences in exploring new and under researched areas in management.

5. Areas of Focus of the Journal: The areas of focus include: General Management, Strategic Management, Business Environment, Business Law and Regulation, Financial Management, Cost and Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Analysis, Financial Derivatives, Financial Institutions, Markets & Services, Financial Risk Management, International Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Strategic Investment and Financing Decisions, Wealth Management, Human Resource Management, International Human Resource Management, Leadership in Organizations, Management of Change, Management of Industrial Relations, Performance Management, Reward Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Organizational Change, Marketing Management, Advertising and Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Relations Management, E-Marketing, International Marketing Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Retailing Management, Services Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Production Management, Materials Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions, Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, E-Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Good Governance, Influence of IT on Management, Knowledge Management, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Managerial Economics, Risk & Insurance Management, Services Operations Management, Technology of Management, Total Quality Management etc.

6. Guidelines/Notes for Contributors

6.1 All the manuscripts must be prepared in English. British spellings are preferred though American spellings are also accepted.

6.2 Research papers, conceptual papers, review papers and case studies are preferred.

6.3 Articles are called for publication throughout the year.

6.4 Soft copies of the articles, prepared in MS Word are accepted.The soft copies of the papers should be sent to . They should be free from macros, hyperlinks and viruses. Along with the soft copy, a hard copy of the manuscript can also be submitted by the authors.

6.5 All articles must be accompanied by:

6.5.1 an abstract of 150-250 words,

6.5.2 a few (three or four) key words, which help in locating the article on the internet.

6.5.3 a brief note about the author not exceeding 100 words, and

6.5.4 a duly filled in, signed and scanned copyright transfer form (The proforma of the copyright transfer form is available at our website or will be supplied by us on request).

6.6 The primary heading should be in capitalized form (Uppercase), and boldface. The sub-headings should be in title-case capitalization (first letter of each word in capital) and in bold.

6.7 All charts and graphs should be drawn legibly and figures should be indicated preferably in millions and billions. Figures copied from the net should avoided as far as possible.

6.8 Notes if any should be numbered and provided at the end of the text.

6.9 APA Style should be followed for formatting the references.

6.10 Contributors must provide their affiliations and complete postal and e-mail addresses with their papers.

6.11 Publication of the articles received is subject to blind review and approval by the experts.

6.12 Authors should give an undertaking that the article is original and has never been published in any form and in any journal.

7. Review Process:

7.1 " Management Today" is a refereed journal. All manuscripts submitted for publication would be screened by the editorial board for relevance to the journal. They would then be put through 'single or double blind review processes" depending on the need which may take from a week to a few months. Manuscripts accepted for publication will have to be edited and formatted so as to suit the Journal's format. The Editorial Board of Management Today reserves the right to shortlist a paper/article for publication in the Journal depending on its suitability. Wherever possible, reviewer's feedback will be provided.

7.2 Manuscripts are judged on the basis of the following criteria:

7.2.1 Overall Contribution of the Paper to the Field of Management

7.2.2 Originality of the Content

7.2.3 Adequacy of the Literature Review

7.2.4 Conceptual Rigor

7.2.5 Logical and Technical Soundness

7.2.6 Organization of the Content

7.2.7 Writing Quality

7.2.8 Implication of the Research

7.2.9 References

7.3 After the review process is completed, the author(s) will be informed about the decision of the reviewers by email.

7.4 If accepted after review, authors concerned, will be communicated of the volume, issue amd month of publication of their Articles/Papers.

7.5 Authors will also receive a complimentary copy of the issue of Management Today in which the article is published.

8. Correspondence

8.1 In the covering letter accompanying the manuscript, the author(s) should certify that the manuscript has neither been published anywhere nor is it being considered elsewhere for publication. Copyright of all accepted papers for publication and use in any form/format will vest with GRIET. Each author of the paper will have to sign the Copy Rights Transfer Form and the scanned soft copy of this form (with signature of the author(s) has to be submitted to the editor through email.

8.2 Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to: The Editor, Management Today, Department of Management Studies, Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bachupally, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, PIN-500090, India.

8.3 For further details please visit: /